Day: April 10, 2024

IoT Linux Raspberry Pi

Alpine Linux on Raspberry Pi Basics: Using 1-Wire Sensors

This video is from XtendedGreg. Today we are going to get started with another interface called 1-wire. It is a lot less complex than many other interfaces, but has a host of sensors that are available to use it. I will be showing you two examples based on a DS18B20 temperature sensor in both python […]

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AI Developer Generative AI

Top 6 Tools to Turn Code into Beautiful Diagrams

This video is from ByteByteGo.

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New Superconductor Scandal: What We Know So Far

Last year, Ranga Dias from the University of Rochester in New York claimed he had found a material that was superconducting at room temperature. He has now been accused of research misconduct. This video from Sabine Hossenfelder is a summary of what we know so far.

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AI Chatbots Generative AI Large Language Models

Agent OS: LLM OS Micro Architecture for Composable, Reusable AI Agents

This video is from IndyDevDan. Agent OS is an architecture for building AI agents that focuses on IMMEDIATE results for today and over the long term. The LLM Ecosystem is ever evolving so in order to keep up, you’ll need an architecture that has interchangeable parts that can be swapped in and out as needed. […]

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AI Interesting

Intel Vision 2024 Keynote (Highlights)

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and special guests delivered a keynote about the tangible outcomes AI can enable for businesses and what the future of enterprise AI looks like. Intel, Technology

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Paying for Cloud Storage is Stupid

This video is from Linus Tech Tips. If you are tired for paying for Cloud Storage like Google Drive or ICloud? Then we found the NAS Device for you! This tiny computer is so small it can fit in your pocket and have over 30TB of SSD Storage. For under $100 you can have a […]

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Developer Javascript

2 HOURS to code Zillow Property App with Google MAP API + Next.js

This video is from Code with Ania Kubów.

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AI Interesting Large Language Models

How Google Killed this Million-Dollar Business

Is ChatGPT the new Google? Find out how AI is reshaping the internet and what it means for the future.✋ Stay connected This video is from Programming with Mosh.

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AI Generative AI

GPT Just Launched Image Editing

You can now access an editing view for images inside GPT. This allows you to select an area and write a prompt for what you want changed about your selection. This video is from Mike Bal. So far, it’s a little buggy and pretty unreliable (like most text-drive image editors) but it’s a sign of […]

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AI Startups

How to use AI to amplify humanity

This video is from Reid Hoffman. Have you ever wondered how AI can improve different areas of your life? I’ve worked with many AI experts and innovators, and today I’m bringing you three instances where AI can serve as a powerful tool.

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