Day: April 3, 2024


60 Hacking Commands You NEED to Know

This useful reference video from NetworkChuck will certainly put you on someone’s watch list. Here are the top 60 hacking commands you need to know, complete with a free Kali Linux sandbox link for practice. Learn to scan networks with Nmap, expedite recon with Masscan, and adeptly manipulate packets. Suitable for any skill level, and […]

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What is AI Revealing About Medical Research?

This story from DW News highlights how new detection tools powered by AI have lifted the lid on what some are calling an epidemic of fraud in medical research and publishing. Last year, the number of papers retracted by research journals topped 10,000 for the first time. One case involved the chief of a cancer […]

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AI Livestream

Musicians Revolt Against AI: Have we seen this movie before?

This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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How Facebook Intercepts Your Web Traffic

In this video from Mental Outlaw discusses how Facebook has been intercepting and decrypting your private data sent to apps that have nothing to do with Facebook over the years and how anyone else doing this kind of man in the middle attack would be facing prison time, but Facebook execs get special privileges.

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Linux Security

Linux got wrecked by backdoor attack

Fireship explains how a popular compression library called XZ Utils was recently backdoored by a hacker which compromised Linux distros like Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora, and Kali. Learn how the liblzma hack happened who is behind it.

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AI Quantum Computing

The Terrifying Fusion of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence

This video is from Quantum Spark. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the mind-bending world of quantum computing and artificial intelligence! 🚀 In today’s video, we’re exploring the edge of tomorrow, where the incredible power of quantum tech meets cutting-edge AI. Why is this fusion stirring up fear among the brightest minds? 🤖💥 Dive […]

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Privacy Site Updates

Rethinking the Reliance on YouTube: A Strategic Shift for

In the constantly shifting landscape of digital content creation, we’ve witnessed monumental shifts that compel us to reassess our strategies and platforms of choice. For years, YouTube has stood as a cornerstone for content creators worldwide, offering a vast stage for sharing knowledge, insights, and creativity. However, recent developments have prompted me to seriously reconsider […]

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AI Developer

Master OpenAI Chat Completions API (Super simple!)

This video is from Code with Ania Kubów.

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Feds Sought Data on EVERYONE Who Watched A Certain Video Last Year

Lawyer Steve Lehto goes over a recent YouTube controversy..

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AI Data Driven

Did the US and UK Become AI BFFs?

Our distinguished hosts, BAILeY and Jen AI, with their trademark blend of British wit and insightful analysis, dissect the most recent groundbreaking shifts in AI. They’re not just discussing the technology; they’re revealing the stories behind the algorithms that are shaping our future. This Week’s Highlights: Chief AI Officers: The New Guardians of Ethics in […]

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