Day: March 8, 2024


From Vision to Reality: How Microsoft Copilots are Shaping the Future of Productivity with Adnan Amin

This video is from TechDay Pakistan. Session Details Join this session to explore Microsoft Copilots, an AI-powered productivity tool reshaping work dynamics. Witness the future of productivity as we delve into the impactful world of Microsoft Copilots. Don’t miss the opportunity to reshape the way you work!

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

From Paper to Pixels: How Claude 3 Haiku Organizes Your Documents

Introducing Claude 3, Anthropic‘s next generation of AI models. The three state-of-the-art models—Claude 3 Opus, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Haiku—set new industry benchmarks across reasoning, math, coding, multilingual understanding, and vision.

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AI Generative AI

How to Revolutionize Your CRM with Generative AI: Insights from Marco Farnia

This video is from TechDay Pakistan. The business landscape is evolving rapidly, and organizations are keen on integrating innovative technologies to get ahead. If you’re looking to turbocharge your customer relationship management (CRM) system, this is the technical session you can’t afford to miss. This in-depth session explores the synergy between Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s comprehensive […]

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Containers Windows

Running Windows in a Docker Container!

This video is from Wolfgang’s Channel.

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AI Apple

NEW Apple Vision Pro AI Coming At WWDC | Here’s What We Know

This video is from All Future. AI is slated to come to a ton of Apple devices in June and WWDC. We talk about the implications of Apple’s AI, if it can keep up with Chat GPT, and most importantly how AI will change Apple Vision Pro. Most iPhones will get the AI upgrade but […]

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Current Events Developer Security

Why Does The White House Endorse Rust?

In this video, Mental Outlaw discusses how the federal government is pushing to have future software written in memory safe programming languages like Rust, and how this can bring jobs to Rust developers and overall improve our digital infrastructure.

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Stop Your Programs Reporting Your Activity with Little Snitch

Our computers constantly talk to servers across the internet without us realizing, sharing information about our activities. Most of us don’t even realize how many programs are silently connecting to the internet and sharing data. It usually happens without our explicit consent. But we can block these connections. On Mac, you can use a program […]

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AI Career

🔥 Artificial Intelligence Full Course 2024 | 🔴LIVE | AI & Machine Learning Full Course | Simplilearn

This video from Simplilearn on the Artificial Intelligence full course video cover all the topics you need to know to become a master in AI and ML. It covers all the basics of Machine Learning, the different types of Machine Learning, and the various applications of Machine Learning used in different industries. This video will […]

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Startups Virtual Reality

Meet The Singapore Startup Aiming To Take On Apple And Meta With AI-Powered Smart Glasses

Forbes Asia highlights Brilliant Labs: a three-person startup is aiming to outmaneuver the giants of Silicon Valley in its quest to develop augmented reality glasses for the masses. A tall order? Yes. But Brilliant Labs has the backing of some big-name investors, so don’t write them off just yet.

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AI AWS Generative AI Large Language Models

Claude 3 + Amazon

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Bedrock is a managed service that allows businesses to easily deploy and use large language models (LLMs) from Anthropic, including their latest Claude 3 family. This video is from Mick Auphanim.

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