Day: February 2, 2024

Developer GameDev Interesting

What is WebGPU?

In this video from Suboptimal Engineer,  go over everything you need to know about WebGPU. We’ll start with a history lesson on the state of 3D computer graphics. Then, we will learn what WebGPU is and how it’s different from WebGL. After that, we will look at how big tech companies like Adobe, AutoDesk, Apple, […]

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Cryptocurrency Security

These Teen Crypto Swappers Can Make $100,000 in 10 Mins

This video is from Jack Rhysider. A guy named “Drew” (not his real name) gives us a rare glimpse inside the complicated sim-swapping cypto heists engineered by the teenagers of the dark web. If there’s money to be stolen, these kids can sniff out any personal information to make the grab. Visit for a […]

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Privacy Security

How to avoid the ‘SIM swapping’ scams that are on the rise

This video is from InvestigateTV. Scammers are swapping out SIM cards without ever touching victims’ phones and using them to steal information and money. We go through how to protect your information. Reporter: Kristin Crowley, Video: Jason Crow

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Mathematics Science

How One Line in the Oldest Math Text Hinted at Hidden Universes

This video is from Veritasium, who always posts interesting math and science videos.

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The Completely Bizarre Physics At Near Absolute Zero

When we cool matter down to the coldest possible temperature, as close to absolute zero as we can, some incredibly strange quantum effects start to become apparent. bluedotdweller teaches us about what a superconductor, a superfluid, and a Bose-Einstein condensate is.

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Career Developer

How to Get a Developer Job – Even in This Odd Economy [Full Course]

This course from will help you find a programming job and is specifically designed for self-taught developers. The course covers covers everything from job search strategy, resumes, networking, interviewing, and a lot more. Let’s lets start learning. Follow along interactively on

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Interesting Networking

How Optical Fiber Connected the World

This video from Asianometry explains how fiber optics changed our world.

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AI Open Source

How Did Open Source Catch Up To OpenAI? [Mixtral-8x7B]

This video is from bycloud explains why, but I’d say it’s simply because open source is awesome. What is Mixtral8-7B? The secret Mixture of Experts (MoE) technique that has beaten OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 which was published around a year ago? In this video, you will learn what is Mixtral8x7B and how Mixture of Experts work which […]

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AI Research Science

Microsoft AI analyzed 33 million candidates to find material to replace lithium

Microsoft AI analyzed 33 million candidates to find material to replace lithium. Learn more in this video is from The Electric Viking.

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AI Generative AI Science

The Physics of Generative AI – How AI models use physics to generate novel data

Modern Generative AI is capable of generating entire stories and photorealistic images, but how do these models actually work? As it turns out, the field of physics is actually the inspiration for many of these state-of-the-art Generative AI models. In this video from AssemblyAI., get a high-level look at how methods from physics are inspiring […]

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