Day: January 26, 2024

AI Generative AI Large Language Models Prompt Engineering

Introduction To ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering Faculty Workshop

This workshop is from Vanderbilt Data Science. This workshop will introduce faculty to ChatGPT and its computational capabilities that can be used in teaching, research, and personal productivity. The workshop will provide an initial overview of “prompt engineering”, which is the discipline of crafting the statements, called prompts, that are sent to ChatGPT. Approximately half […]

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Tech Layoffs 2024: Is AI to Blame?

In this video, Tiff In Tech dives into the complex world of tech layoffs and investigate whether Artificial Intelligence is a major factor. I’ll share insights from my research on recent layoffs in the tech industry. We’ll explore the role of AI and automation, considering how they’re reshaping the job market, alongside other factors like […]

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Privacy Smartphones

No SIM? No Problem!

This video is from NBTV (Naomi Brockwell TV). Your phone is more than just a communication tool; it’s a powerful tracking device, and the SIM card inside is a key reason why. I don’t actually have a SIM card in any of my phones, and in this video I’ll explain the reasons why. I’ll also […]

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Developer Windows

Why do binary contracts matter?

Why do binary contracts matter? Larry Osterman explains the importance of the contract when you are sharing binaries in this video from Microsoft Developer.

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Design Interesting

100 Years of Fictional UI – Were They ALL Wrong?

Juxtopposed dives deeper into the history of Fictional UI (mostly on science fiction). Where did our modern interfaces come from? Were all the predictions wrong?

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Video Production

What is Shutter Speed and How Has It Changed?

Captain Disillusion explains shutter speed and how digital technology changed it all.

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