Day: January 11, 2024

Big Data Career Data Data Visualization

Data Analyst Bootcamp for Beginners (SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Python, Excel, Pandas, Projects, more)

Become a data analyst by following along with this massive course from You will learn the core topics that data analysts need to know. And along the way, you will build plenty of projects to gain hands-on experience. ✏️ Bootcamp developed by @AlexTheAnalyst 🔗 Analyst Builder: 💻 Access the datasets used here:

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AI Azure Large Language Models

Azure OpenAI and copilot meet Azure SQL | Data Exposed

Learn about the latest buzz on SQL and AI including “chatting” with your data and generating SQL queries with ease in today’s episode!

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Design Developer

Motion Design for the Web | FREE COURSE

In this motion design tutorial from Envato Tuts+, you‘ll learn how to include motion in your web design projects using video, CSS, JavaScript, GSAP, SVG, Lottie, and more. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to level up your skills, this course will help you bring your websites to life.

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AI Video Production

What YouTube’s New AI Rules Mean For You…

This video is vidIQ explains how YouTube is cracking down on AI content, and creators are left with a lot of questions. In this video, we delve into the concerns, fears, hopes, and expectations surrounding the future of AI on YouTube.

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Solving a REAL investigation using OSINT

Gary Ruddell can’t talk about the specifics of this investigation, but it is indeed a REAL use case of OSINT. A private investigator reached out to me recently and asked if I could find the location of a screenshot from a video on Instagram.

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2023’s Biggest Breakthroughs in Biology and Neuroscience

This video from Quanta Magazine highlights the biggest breakthroughs in biology and neuroscience.

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AI Large Language Models

A 100T Transformer Model Coming? Plus ByteDance Saga and the Mixtral Price Drop

This video is from AI Explained and the notion of a 100T trained LLM is mind boggling. With the GPT 4.5 rumours unceremoniously crushed, we are thankfully left with the real news. A potential 100T LLM, thanks to (full breakdown of what we know), then the Mixtral price spiral revealing the decline in the […]

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What Happened To SpinLaunch & The Orbital Accelerator?

This video is from TheSpaceBucket. Almost one year ago was the last time we got a big update from SpinLaunch on their unique launch prototype. Specifically, on September 27th, 2022, SpinLaunch completed its 10th suborbital test flight using its suborbital accelerator. This test was considered a success by the company and was quite a big […]

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