Day: January 10, 2024

Privacy Security

Ads Targeted on What You Say? New Evidence

Seytonic says something out loud that we were all wondering about. Sources:

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Interesting Maker

Ultimate Homelab Cable Setup

This video from clabretro proves that there’s a home lab for everything as he sets up his own cable TV network. Completing my ultimate homelab cable setup. We’ll fix a pair of industrial RF modulators, go over the go-homelab-cable project for streaming media, and get everything installed in the rack. Source code:

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AI Startups

5 AI SaaS Ideas To Launch In 2024

In this video, Simon Høiberg gives us 5 A.I. SaaS ideas you can build and launch in 2024.

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Networking Security

3 Levels of WiFi Hacking

This video is from NetworkChuck. WiFi hacking is very much still a thing performed by both white hat and black hat hackers. In this video, NetworkChuck will demonstrate how hackers might hack a wifi network from three different levels or perspectives, a Noob, Hipster and Pro. All of the wireless attacks demonstrated in this video […]

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Mistral Finetuning on Custom Data: Learn in 7 Mins!

This video is from Mervin Praison. In this tutorial, we dive deep into the world of AI model training with Ludwig, focusing on fine-tuning a large language model, Mistral, using the Alpaka dataset. This video is a comprehensive guide to using Ludwig, a low-code, scalable, and efficient framework for building custom AI modules. We’ll explore […]

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