Day: December 21, 2023


Experience Japan’s Largest Robot Exhibition – IREX 2023!

One of the world’s most interesting and largest robotics trade fairs, IREX 2023, took place in Tokyo, Japan, at the Big Sight exhibition center. This year, more than 650 companies from all over the world presented their developments at the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition “Sustainable society created by robotics” corresponds exactly to the […]

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AI Ethics Neural Networks Research Science

Lab-Grown Brain Connects to Microchip, Recognizing Human Voices

This video from Anton Petrov makes me wonder where we are going as a society and as a species. Links:

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Sam Altman on OpenAI, Future Risks and Rewards, and Artificial General Intelligence

This video is from TIME. If 2023 was the year artificial intelligence became a household topic of conversation, it’s in many ways because of Sam Altman, CEO of the artificial intelligence research organization OpenAI. Altman, who was named TIME’s 2023 “CEO of the Year” spoke candidly about his November ousting—and reinstatement—at OpenAI, how AI threatens […]

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Why 7 is Weird – Numberphile

This video is from Numberphile.

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Career Developer

Who’s Solving The DEVELOPER SHORTAGE Crisis?

There has been a reported software developer shortage for the past 50 years, despite occasional ups and downs, like the current layoffs at some of the big web companies, despite this though, the data says that vacancies are at an all-time high and demand for people with software development skills is predicted to continue to […]

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