Day: December 14, 2023

AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Major GPT 4.5 Possible Leak, Midjourney V6, Opensource LLMs BEAT Open AI

You step away from the computer/phone/matrix for a little bit and then some big AI news hits. This video from MattVidPro AI catches you up. In this video, we dive into the latest AI updates, focusing on a potential leak about OpenAI’s GPT 4.5, its features, and pricing. We also explore Google’s AI advancements in […]

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AI Developer Economics of AI Generative AI Large Language Models

AI coding assistants just leveled up, again…

Learn about the latest updates to GitHub Copilot and its new GPT-4 upgrade. Also, take a first look at Google’s new Duet AI and JetBrains AI Assistant. This video is from Fireship and has his usual style.

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Privacy Security

Leaked: The Feds Can See Your Notifications

This video from Seytonic points to a disturbing lea. Sources:

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AI Large Language Models

What Makes Large Language Models Expensive?

Amidst the buzz surrounding the promising capabilities of large language models in business, it’s crucial not to overlook a practical concern: cost. In this video, Jessica Ridella, Jessica Ridella, IBM’s Global Sales Leader for the generative AI platform, delves into seven pivotal factors crucial for understanding generative AI in the enterprise. She explores elements […]

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Big Data Data

How Form3 operates CockroachDB

The Form3 engineering team have been working on their multi-cloud payments platform project since 2020. CockroachDB is an essential technology for this project, ensuring that they have a resilient, consistent, and scalable data storage layer. In this talk by Rogger Fabri, Lead Engineer and Mario Morgado, Senior Software Engineer, you will get to learn about […]

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ICMP Data Exfiltration – USB Rubber Ducky/Exfiltration [PAYLOAD MINUTE]

Hak5 delves into the ICMP Data Exfiltration payload by TW-D for the USB Rubber Ducky, this time on [PAYLOAD MINUTE]

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AI Video Production

NVIDIA’s New AI: Virtual Worlds From Nothing! + Gemini Update!

This video is from Two Minute Papers. The papers are available here: SceneScape: Image to 3D: Dehaze: AI film festival:

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AWS Cloud Complete Bootcamp Course

The AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp from is a free comprehensive training program to equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully design, build, and implement a cloud project. Developed by Andrew Brown. 00:00 Intro 07:10 Welcome to the FREE AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp 10:05 Create a GitHub Account 13:46 Set Up MFA […]

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AI Data

What does postgres have to do with AI?

During the OpenShift Commons Gathering in Raleigh Bob Pacheco (Crunchy Data) explores these key questions: What does postgres have to do with AI? Why postgres at all?

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