Day: December 13, 2023

AI Hardware Science

Bridging Photonics and Artificial Intelligence

This video from Rutgers Efficient AI Seminar highlights two fields that may seem unrelated, but together can change everyting.

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Video Production

SECRET Premiere Pro Feature Every Creator Needs To Know About

Did you ever have trouble with the sound levels in your podcast or YouTube videos? In this video, Mike Russell. shows you a secret feature in Premiere Pro that will help you fix the volume issues. You won’t believe how easy it is!

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How to Make Pandas Run MUCH FASTER Pandas with cuDF – GPU vs CPU Programming Benchmarks for Sentiment Analysis

Python Simplified shows us how to make Pandas run faster.

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The Best Computer Monitor Is A TV

Fstoppers explains why a TV may be the best computer monitor.

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Hax 4 BIOS, WordPress & Counter-Strike, oh my! – ThreatWire

Hak5 rounds up the latest news in security. LINKS Story 1 Story 2 Story 3

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AI Apple Machine Learning

MLX Tutorial: Apple’s Bold Move in Machine Learning Arena!

Discover the power of MLX, the new package from Apple’s Machine Learning team! In this video, Mervin Praison explores how MLX enables your Mac computer to run large language models more efficiently. Get ready to dive into the world of efficient and flexible machine learning with MLX.

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AI Generative AI

How to Boost Productivity using Generative AI

This video is from Paying it Forward where he shares tips on how to use generative AI to be more productive.

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Being anonymous is getting harder and harder

This video is from The Linux Experiment. Virtually everything online now collects data. And this data doesn’t just stay at the company that collected it. This data is a giant repository for governments to use and track or monitor their citizens. See, in a LOT of countries, governments have the right to ask a company […]

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