Day: December 11, 2023

Science Space

How Do We Measure the Ages of Stars? With Astrophysicist Ruth Angus

American Museum of Natural History explains how old is a star? Astrophysicist and Museum Curator Ruth Angus guides you through the innovative methods used to estimate the ages of stars. Discover how rotation rates, sunspots, and brightness measurements help scientists piece together the cosmic puzzle of our universe.

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AI Future

Top 10 Tech Trends for 2024

This video is from Fireship. What changed in the tech industry over the last year? Let’s look at 10 trends in tech, AI, programming, hardware, and more for the year 2024.

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New AI Breakthroughs Explained. It’s ALL Accelerating !

This video is from Anastasi In Tech. The Gemini Paper: Gemini Benchmarks: Deepmind GNoMe: Ray Kurzweil – The Law of Accelerating Returns:

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How to Boost your productivity with AWS Toolkits and Amazon CodeWhisperer

This video is from AWS Events. Learn how AWS can help you be a more productive .NET developer. Software developers are always asked to do more with less. You need to remove impediments that slow down your flow and reduce context switches that hurt your productivity. AWS Toolkits can help you stay focused in your […]

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AI Data Red Hat

AI success relies on good planning, data and engineering

I recently did an interview with Federal News Network on how agencies can improve their chances of success with AI. Planning for artificial intelligence should start with whys, that is, the use cases. After that, think about the data strategy to train algorithms and support ongoing AI deployment. Without a solid data strategy, an AI […]

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AI Azure Generative AI

How to Build your own copilots with Azure AI Studio

This video is from Microsoft Mechanics. Build, test, deploy, and monitor your generative AI apps at scale from one place with Azure AI Studio. Access models in the Azure OpenAI service from Meta, NVIDIA and Microsoft Research, as well hundreds of open-source models. Integrate your own data across multiple data sets to ground your model, […]

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Quantum Computing

IBM 1000+ qubit quantum computer Condor Heron System Two Summary and Highlights

This video is from NYU Quantum Technology Lab. We break down the new IBM quantum computer releases, of the 1121 qubit Condor and the 133 qubit Heron machines, as discussed in the 2023 IBM Quantum Summit and the recent 60 minutes program “Companies, countries battle to develop quantum computers”. What are the main new breakthroughs, […]

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AI Generative AI Speech and Voice

Advanced Azure OpenAI solutions with TTS Avatar

This video is from Microsoft Developer. First, we’ll explore the new Azure AI Speech text to speech avatar, a new public preview feature that enables users to create talking avatar videos with text input, and to build real-time interactive bots trained using human images. 📹🤖

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AI Livestream

Back on Dry Land. Miss a week, Miss a lot!

This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Grok AI has entered the chat…

Fireship takes a first look at Elon Musk’s new Grok AI chatbot and ChatGPT competitor. And how does Grok it stack up against GPT-4.

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