AWS re:Invent 2023 – Customer Keynote Riot Games

This video is from AWS Events.

Riot Games, the development company behind League of Legends, VALORANT, and other popular online multiplayer games, is taking full advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver low latency and highly competitive experiences to players on a global scale. In this video, Brent Rich, head of global infrastructure and operations at Riot Games, shares how the company transformed from a single-game company depending on local data centers to support its hundreds of millions of players to a cloud-first gaming company with several major titles.

Rich discusses how Riot Games used AWS Regions, AWS Local Zones and AWS Outposts to provision cloud capacity and successfully launch VALORANT to millions around the world. Learn how Riot Games reinvented a remote Esports broadcasting solution in just days, and migrated its original title, League of Legends, and its millions of players from on-premise data centers to a unified cloud architecture on AWS.


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