Day: November 21, 2023

AI AWS Generative AI

Amazon Bedrock Deep Dive

This video is from Caylent. In case you missed Randall Hunt’s livestream yesterday, watch his deep dive on Amazon #Bedrock where he shares how to build with the service, and demos various capabilities such as prompting, model fine-tuning, retrieval augmented generation (RAG) powered by Claude, and more! #BuildOnBedrock

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AI Current Events

“First $10 Trillion Dollar Company” – Controversy Behind OpenAI’s Firing of Sam Altman

Patrick Bet-David and the Home Team are joined by political analyst Roger Stone as they discuss OpenAI’s controversial firing of Sam Altman.

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Bento Grids – New Web Design Trend for 2024?

Flux Academy highlights a new design trend out there that is gaining traction in web design, and that is the Bento Grid. In this video, I want to show you what it’s all about, and some examples. You learn what’s good about this layout, and what you want to be careful with when using it. Also, […]

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AI Large Language Models Python

How to use Python and AI to Summarize Reviews | Python LLM Tutorial

In this python AI tutorial, Kylie Ying will teach you how to use the Python Pyppeteer library to web scrape reviews from Google Reviews. Then, after we’ve scraped these reviews, we will use the the PaLM (LLM) API to summarize them, so we don’t have to read them all! Code:

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Who Is Mira Murati? – New OpenAI CEO

This video is from David Ondrej. Mira Murati is replacing Sam Altman as the CEO of OpenAI. This is after Ilya Sutskever’s coup to fire Sam and Greg Brockman.

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How To Pass ANY Azure Certification in 2024 | Complete Guide

As 2023 winds to a close, you may want to consider 2024 to be the year that you get your first Cloud certification or add another certification to your resume. And while Azure is not quite as popular as AWS, it’s right behind it and is used by many companies out there and will provide […]

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Lindows, the weird Walmart Linux from 2002!

This video from Action Retro. delves into the weird story of Lindows, the 2000’s Linux that came installed on cheap Walmart PC towers.

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Maker Space

Can You Get Satellite Data With An Umbrella?

This video is from saveitforparts. .Here it is, the challenge nobody asked for! Can I get L-band satellite data using an umbrella covered in foil tape? It turns out, yes I can! I was able to download images and weather data from GOES-East, NOAA satellites, and Russian METEOR satellites. I also got a little bit […]

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What happened to Windows Pinball?

This video is from Dave’s Garage. Dave (who did the 32-bit version) interviews Raymond Chen (who did the 64-bit version) about the fate of Windows Pinball.

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