How This Wallpaper Conquered The World

Windows XP is by far the most recognizable operating system of all time. It’s a symbol of the early 2000s and people all over the world know the classic wallpaper.

But, how did Windows XP specifically get so popular? It wasn’t the first Windows or the last Windows or arguably even the best Windows. Well, Windows XP was the first Windows to sport a colorful UI with a stable and reliable user experience. But, a lot of Windows XP’s success actually has to do with the environment as opposed to anything specific about the software. You see, Windows XP was when the average person first got a computer so naturally everyone knows about it. But, it wasn’t just the popularity of Windows XP that put it in the hall of fame. The unpopularity of all of the operating systems that followed also very much played a role. Not to mention, the rise of smartphones which left many never upgrading from Windows XP.

This video from Logically Answered explains the history of Windows XP and how it became the most recognizable operating system of all time.


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