Day: September 26, 2023


Why do header files even exist?

This video is from Low Level Learning. So why do we use header files? Are they just there to look pretty? Is there actually a reason that we include them in all the code we write? In this video we explore how the compiler works, how the linker works, and how header files tie the […]

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How to Draw Circles, Rectangles and Lines in Kivy for Python!

Kivy is a popular Graphical User Interface (GUI) Package for Python, which allows for mobile app development and is cross-compatible between windows, mac, linux, iOS and android. Drawing basic shapes onto a main widget canvas is a great way to get started designing your app and making sure all the drawn shapes are dynamically resizable […]

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AI Alexa Generative AI Large Language Models

Character.AI uses Alexa to unlock creativity and conversation

Character.AI is creating the future of creativity and conversation by leveraging generative AI and Alexa. Users can have natural conversations with over 25 unique characters across a variety of categories. From fitness coaches to historical icons, Character.AI brings these characters to life in a way that has never been possible; and, these characters remember users’ […]

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