Day: September 25, 2023

Linux Windows

A Brief Introduction to Fedora Linux

If Microsoft’s decision to end Windows 10 support before Windows 11 is ready, then Fedora is a alternative operating system designed for the desktop.

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Data Science

Introduction to Anomaly Detection for Engineers

Anomaly detection is the process of identifying events or patterns that differ from expected behavior. This is important for applications like predictive maintenance but can be hard to achieve by inspection alone. Machine learning and deep learning (AI) techniques for anomaly detection can uncover anomalies in time series or image data that would be otherwise […]

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Apple Linux

Modern Ubuntu is KILLER on old Intel Macs!

Action Retro installs the latest Ubuntu Linux on an old 11″ Macbook Air. How does it compare to running MacOS Catalina on it, which is the last officially supported MacOS?

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AI Generative AI

New AI Listened To 20,000 Hours Of Music. What Did It Learn?

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “MusicGen: Simple and Controllable Music Generation” in the video below.

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Why The End of WINDOWS 10 Could Be a Huge Problem

Windows 10 has officially entered the final stage of its life cycle, and now that the end of the road is on the horizon, the community is becoming increasingly vocal about legitimate concerns. Given the current state of affairs, all the signs seem to be pointing in one undesirable direction. Should Microsoft stick to its […]

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AI Generative AI

Why DALL-E 3 is a Big Deal

This video is from Future Tech Pilot. Open A.I recently announced Dall-e 3 … but will it live up to the hype?

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AI Data Driven Red Hat

Creating a Home Lab, Speaking, and an Upcoming Webinar

In today’s episode, Andy Leonard and I catch up on their recent activities, including my presentation at the Red Hat Summit Connect. They discuss the event and the focus on AI and government agencies. Frank also shares his experiences with a new product called Ansible Lightspeed with Watson code assist, which is enhancing the use […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

ChatGPT: Fails Basic Logic, But Now Has Vision and Wins at Chess!

ChatGPT will now have vision, but can it do basic logic? I cover the latest news – including GPT Chess! – as well as go through almost a dozen papers and how they relate to the central question of LLM logic and rationality. Starring the Reversal Curse and featuring conversations with two of the authors […]

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Learn Image-Based OSINT at MonSec Workshop – 20/09/2023 Semester 2 Week 9

Join Sarah Lam as she teaches you about the history of OSINT, why it’s useful and most importantly how you can use some basic techniques to geolocate images. This video is from MonSec.

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