Day: September 14, 2023


Kubernetes Beginner To Expert Level In One Video | Ultimate Kubernetes Guide

This video from Abhishek.Veeramalla is one single stop for learning kubernetes and mastering it. Please use the below time stamps to jump into specific kubernetes topics.

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Career Python Security

Fundamentals of Python for Cybersecurity | Google Cybersecurity Certificate

In this course from Google Career Certificates, you will be introduced to the Python programming language and apply it in a cybersecurity setting to automate tasks. You’ll start by focusing on foundational Python programming concepts, including data types, variables, conditional statements, and iterative statements. You’ll also learn to work with Python effectively by developing functions, […]

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AI Large Language Models Python

How to Create a Large Language Model from Scratch with Python – Tutorial

Learn how to build your own large language model, from scratch in this video is from The course goes into the data handling, math, and transformers behind large language models. You will use Python. ✏️ Course developed by @elliotarledge 💻 Code and course resources: Join Elliot’s Discord server:

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AI Data

Learn Vector Database in 10 Mins – Hottest AI Apps DB!

This video from 1littlecoder covers Vector Databases and why it’s the hottest new DB in AI Apps.” First, we’ll introduce Vector Database and explain how it differs from traditional databases, particularly in its ability to handle high-dimensional and sparse data with lightning-fast performance. Next, we’ll explore the many use cases of Vector Database in various […]

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60 Linux Commands you NEED to know (in 10 minutes)

In this video, NetworkChuck shows you the top 60 Linux commands you NEED to know! If you are a beginner in Linux, this is THE video you need to watch. If you are a Linux boss, I bet you a box of donuts there is a command in this video you don’t know.

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Mathematics Python

Python vs Wolfram Alpha, which one wins?

This video is from Everyday Mathematics. We move to the regular season of the MIT integration BEE and solve problems that bear log functions in them. We compare python and Wolfram alpha and can you guess which ones comes top?

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AI Deep Learning Large Language Models

Are Retentive Networks A Successor to Transformer for Large Language Models?

Retention is an alternative to Attention in Transformers that can both be written in a parallel and in a recurrent fashion. This means the architecture achieves training parallelism while maintaining low-cost inference. Experiments in the paper look very promising. Yannic Kilcher elaborates.

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Learn How to Design Multi-Tenant SaaS Apps with Azure Cosmos DB & PostgreSQL

Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL provides a powerful data platform for multi-tenant SaaS applications. Starting from a single-node instance, multi-tenant databases can be horizontally scaled to a multi-node distributed cluster of up to 20 servers to meet the demands of tenant growth. Learning objectives – Prepare tables in a single-node database for distribution – Transition […]

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Your Social Accounts Are Never Safe, Even If You Use Great Passwords🎙Ep. 86 The LinkedIn Incident

This video is from Jack Rhysider. In 2012, LinkedIn was the target of a massive data breach. A hacker got in and stole millions of user details. But this wasn’t because of weak user passwords or bad security practices. It all came down to one LinkedIn engineer’s crucial mistake. Visit for a list of […]

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