Day: August 6, 2023

AI Generative AI Red Hat

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI for Business

We are witnessing a fundamental shift in AI driven by self-supervision and by the ability to create foundation models that power generative AI. Join Darío Gil, SVP and Director of IBM Research as he demystifies the technology and shares a set of principles to guide your generative AI business strategy. Experience watsonx, IBM’s new data […]

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AI Chatbots Generative AI Large Language Models

Stay Up-to-Date with AI News: LLaMA, MetaAI, AI Influencers, RT-2, LK-99 Superconductor

Matthew Berman has a jam-packed video this week, with news from Google, Meta, Robots, Stackoverflow, YouTube, the Dark Web, and the biggest scientific breakthrough in our generation.

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AI Generative AI

Data and AI Summit 2023: Hear Patrick Wendell’s Keynote

Data and AI Summit 2023: AI and Machine Learning keynote by Patrick Wendell.

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Red Hat

How to Meet Sustainability Goals with Project Kepler

Sandro Mazziotta demonstrates project Kepler, an open-source upstream project that measures and optimizes workload energy consumption. The goal: to lower a company’s carbon footprint.

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Career Windows

Learn the Basics of Active Directory, DHCP & DNS for Entry Level Tech Support

This is a Crash Course for Active Directory, DHCP & DNS for Entry Level Tech Support. Specifically designed so that it’s easy to follow and understand.

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He Tried 50 Programming Courses. Here are Top 5.

This video is from Power Couple.

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AWS Generative AI

How to Use Amazon SageMaker to Build Generative AI Applications

Learn how to fine-tune and deploy large language and vision models on Amazon SageMaker to build your generative AI applications. We explore popular generative AI use cases such image generation, search, chat, and document summarization. Join our experts for a deep dive conversation and interactive demo.

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Data Red Hat

Cockroach Labs and Red Hat Partner to Modernize Applications with a Cloud Native Database

CockroachDB, a cloud-native, distributed SQL database, helps Red Hat OpenShift users on their path to the cloud.

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Current Events Future Science

Why Laser Weapons are About to Change Everything

This video is from Task & Purpose. Laser weapons are about to change war forever and I want to show you how. The French government is investing approximately 5 billion dollars into acquiring the technology as part of their modernization efforts. The US military is investing 1 billion dollars a year into directed energy weapons […]

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AI Red Hat

How to Add AI to Your Apps Faster with Embedded AI

Wondering what embeddable AI is, how one actually goes about embedding AI and where? In this video, Martin Keen talks about AI deployment, specifically how to deploy embeddable AI, and centers his discussion on the 2 major methods: containerized libraries and applications.

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