Day: August 4, 2023

Data Science

Stanford’s FREE data science book and course are the best yet

This video from Python Programmer explores Stanford’s free data science book and course.

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GameDev Red Hat

OpenShift Scalable Multiplayer Game Design

This monthly series explores what it takes to design a scale-out multiplayer video game architecture using containers and OpenShift. There will be live coding, philosophical design discussion, and everything in between.

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DevOps SQL Server

How to Power Up your DevOps Development with SQL Server Containers

Build consistent data applications across any operating system using SQL Server containers. Containers provide a portable, lightweight, and consistent method to create databases with the power of the SQL Server engine. SQL Server containers also provide a local cloud development experience using efficient DevOps processes and tools.

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How to Building Multi-tenant Apps with Spring Data and Azure Cosmos DB

This week on Azure Cosmos DB Live TV, Tara welcomes back Theo van Kraay to the show to discuss Apps with Spring Data and Azure Cosmos DB. The session will start with 5-10 minutes introducing concepts of building multi-tenant apps in general, the trade-offs, and why Cosmos DB is a great choice for building multi-tenant […]

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