Day: May 22, 2023


Are New Frameworks Replacing React?

React was one of the first frameworks to adopt the modern component model which is one of the reasons it is so popular today. React did many things to simplify frontend development, but now there are tons of new frameworks that can do everything React can, but with even more features and quality of life […]

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Google Security

Google’s Mistake: How to Keep Yourself Safe From the Consequences!

ThioJoe shows us how to stay safe from the .ZIP top level domain.

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DNS Remote Code Execution: Finding the Vulnerability 👾 (Part 1)

In this video, Flashback Team will tell you the story of how we found CVE-2020-10881 in the Pwn2Own Tokyo 2019 hacking competition and present our Game Plan for exploiting it.

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Learn the 5 Must-Know Concepts in Python

This video is from Tech With Tim. If you’re interested in becoming a developer that writes any type of code in python, then you need to understand these 5 Python concepts. In today’s video, I’m going to break down 5 key Python concepts for any aspiring developer. Master Python, elevate your skills.

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Elon Musk on Sam Altman and ChatGPT: I am the reason OpenAI exists

Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk sits down with CNBC ‘s David Faber for an exclusive interview from Austin, Texas, during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting.

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Red Hat

All Things OpenShift 4.13 and ROSA

In this episode of In the Clouds, Stu Miniman gets chatting with Andy Cathrow, the Senior Director for Global Product Management at Red Hat. T

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How to get rich as a solo software developer – The Ultimate Guide

Fireship provides some inspiration to all you budding entrepreneurs out there. When you learn how to code, you unlock the ability to build side-businesses that have the potential to make you rich. The 6-step guide provides realistic tips and tricks for launching a solo company as a software engineer.

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Ultimate Plug-in: 12 New Code Interpreter Uses (Book Scans, Multiple Datasets, Error Analysis … )

This video is from AI Explained. Code Interpreter could be the ultimate plug-in, and you judge for yourself by the end of these 12 examples. If you didn’t have to re-evaluate after my previous 23 use cases, try these! From scanning 340k word books (Anna Karenina), to correlating multiple files simultaneously, from ASCII Art to […]

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Machine Learning

How to Analyze Logistic Regression Performance with ROC Curves

Join Bea Stollnitz, a Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, as she teaches you how to analyze the performance of your logistic regression model using ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) curves. We’ll be using these to evaluate the Logistic regression classifier built in the previous video using our pumpkin data set 🎃.

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AI Large Language Models

GPT 4 Upgraded! Code Interpreter (ft. Image Editing, MP4s, 3D Plots, Data Analytics and more!)

This video is from AI Explained. GPT 4 Code Interpreter is unlike any other plug-in. It upgrades GPT 4 to a whole new level. I am going to show you 18 use-cases (actually more like 23), including image editing (wait till the end!), text-to-speech, video editing, 3d modelling, data analytics, QR Codes, times series, sankey […]

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