Day: March 27, 2023


GitHub Copilot X Announced: Game Over!

GitHub Copilot X was announced yesterday and it has an impressive set of new AI coding features. Learn how Microsoft is bringing ChatGPT features directly into your code editor. Fireship explains.

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How Did the FBI Caught Hacker Pompompurin?

Another great video from Seytonic. Sources:

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RISC-V 2023 Update: From Embedded Computing to Data Center & Desktop

ExplainingComputers‘ RISC-V annual update. Includes developments from NASA, Google, MIT, RISC-V International, Renesas, Espressif, Ventanna, Tenstorrent, Alibaba / T-Head, Ubuntu, StarFive, SiFive, Pine64, Sipeed and Intel.

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Google Large Language Models

Google Bard – The Full Review. Bard vs Bing [LaMDA vs GPT 4]

AI Explained reviews Bard.

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AI Azure Large Language Models

The Basics of Prompt Engineering with Azure OpenAI

Did you know the hottest new programming language is English? On this episode of the AI Show, we are excited to welcome Marco Casalaina for a demo on how you can program your own ChatGPT – with natural language. And how prompt engineering really works. Resources: Revolutionize your Enterprise Data with ChatGPT Blog

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What is Computational Storage?

Are we reaching the limits of computation? Looking for a way to streamline administration and operational complexity across on-premises, hybrid cloud, virtualized and containerized environments? In this video, Andrew Walls, IBM Fellow, CTO and Chief Architect of IBM Flash Systems, explains how bandwidth and speed can be improved through the use of computational storage.

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