Day: March 20, 2023


How To Identify And Optimize Slow Power BI Visuals

By identifying and addressing slow visuals in Power BI, users can optimize the performance of their reports and dashboards, improving the user experience and ensuring accurate and timely decision-making. In this video from Enterprise DNA, Brian demonstrates how you can identify slow Power BI visuals and optimize it. It sounds pretty simple but there’s more […]

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Azure Azure Synapse Large Language Models

SynapseML: Part 4 – Unleashing the power of big data with Azure Synapse and OpenAI

Azure Synapse Analytics releases this 4th video in our SynapseML series! In this video, Brendan Walsh, a Software Engineer, takes us through the powerful completion models from OpenAI and the ability to scale these models in SynapseML. You’ll see examples of the completion model and what some clever prompt engineering can do.

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PyTorch in 100 Seconds

Fireship explains PyTorch in the following video. PyTorch is a deep learning framework for used to build artificial intelligence software with Python. Learn how to build a basic neural network from scratch with PyTorch 2.

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AI Computer Vision Ethics

Maryland School District to Use AI to Detect Guns

In a novel use of computer vision, Charles County Public Schools in Maryland is adding a computer vision system to their existing security camera system. Strangely absent from this news article is a discussion on ethics, civil liberties, or what happens when the AI makes a false positive.

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