Day: February 16, 2023

Data Driven Red Hat

Josh Blumert on Containerized Storage

In this episode I talk with Josh Blumert on the evolution of storage and how we got to containerized storage. This was originally recorded as part of the Data Office Hours series on the OpenShift YouTube channel.

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AI Speech and Voice

Microsoft’s New AI Clones Your Voice In 3 Seconds!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “VALL-E Neural Codec Language Models are Zero-Shot Text to Speech Synthesizers.”

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AI Generative AI Natural Language Processing Python

ChatGPT in 5 Minutes

Siraj Raval is back making AI videos and this time, he builds a simple version of ChatGPT in under 40 lines of Python code to better understand it. Our version of ChatGPT will be called ElonGPT, trained to act just like Elon Musk, so that I can ask him if he will give me a […]

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Quantum Computing

A New age of computers – Quantum computers

TEDx Talks highlights this talk by Maftuna Pulatova on the coming quantum age of computers. Her “Smart house” project with her team won “Seeds for the Future” hackathon organized by Huawei. Currently, along with her studies, she tries to share her knowledge with students. She also organized Winter Web Hackathon 2022 and several IT meetings. […]

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Linux Windows

How to Use Linux Mint for Windows Users

This video is from ExplainingComputers is a couple of years old and the latest Linux Mint version is 21.1. However, it is still mostly spot on and a good look at a Linux OS that will “feel like home” to Windows users looking for a new OS instead of Windows 11. Since last year, when […]

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How to learn AWS Cloud in 2023

Tech With Lucy hosts this Q&A livestream session with Linda Haviv, a Cloud Developer Advocate at AWS.

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Red Hat

Red Hat SRE lead shares principles around team culture

Narayanan Raghavan from Red Hat on the “Ship It!” podcast.

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50 macOS Tips and Tricks Using Terminal (the last one is CRAZY!)

In this video, NetworkChuck, shows us the top 50 MacOS terminal commands you NEED to know. Now, while Mac OS is unix-based and very similar to Linux, it has its nuances and things worth paying attention to. Things like, making your Macbook talk, finding wifi passwords, diving into the matrix and taking a trip to the […]

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