Day: November 21, 2022

IoT Maker

The New Type of LED You Should be Using!

Dave takes you on a tour from the first LEDs to the latest in LED technology, the individually addressable LEDs such as Neopixels/WS2812B style. From the quantum effects to how to wire their data line, Dave covers it all!

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AI Generative AI

Is This New AI Magic?

In this video Anastasia discusss Stable diffusion and Generative AI in general

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AI Interesting

“Voices from DARPA” Podcast, Episode 62: The Model (& Simulation) Researcher

Here’s an interesting podcast from DARPA. Velasquez discusses his path to DARPA and how it serendipitously led him to inheriting management of a new AI program called Assured Neuro Symbolic Learning and Reasoning (ANSR). He also describes his idea for his next project, which will look at neuro symbolic knowledge transfer to accelerate the adoption […]

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Top 10 Python One Liners You Must Learn

Here are ten Python one liners you ought to know.

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C++ Full Course 2022 |

In this C++ full course tutorial for beginners video from SimpliLearn, l learn about the essential C++ topics and concepts that will help you understand C++ in a better way. You will look at the history of C++, its uses and features, and topics such as arrays, loops, switch statements, and more. You will understand […]

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What Makes Israel So Good at Hacking?

Ever wonder what makes Israel so good at hacking? How does a small country like Israel consistently produce some of the world’s best hackers and cybersecurity practitioners? What does it take to make it to elite military cyber units like Unit 8200 and Unit 81? The secret is people, not technology.

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The Untold Unix Story

Here’s an interesting look into the history of Unix. This is an “untold” story in UNIX which had a major effect on the current environment of UNIX-like operating systems such as the BSD’s, Minux and Linux. I wonder where we would be today without the seminal work of people like John Lions who took the […]

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