Day: November 11, 2022


In 1964 Arthur C Clarke Predicted the Future. How Did He Do?

“The only thing we can be sure of about the future, is that it will be absolutely fantastic. So, if what I say now seems to you to be very reasonable, then I will have failed completely.” – Arthur C Clarke. The science-fiction writer and futurist Arthur C Clarke undertakes that most impossible and unrewarding […]

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AI Ethics Philosophy Fridays

Lab-Grown Brain Learns Pong – Is This Biological Neural Network “Sentient”?

A leading neuroscientist claims that a pong-playing clump of about a million neurons is “sentient”. What does that mean? Why did they teach a lab-grown brain to play pong? To study biological self-organization at the root of life, intelligence, and consciousness.

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AI Deep Fakes Generative AI

How Does NVIDIA’s Amazing AI Clones Your Voice!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “One TTS Alignment To Rule Them All” in the following video. Request Early access here.

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KeePass Spoofed by RomCom RAT – ThreatWire

#threatwire #hak5 ThreatWire by Shannon Morse is a weekly news journalism show covering cybersecurity topics for network admins, information security professionals, and consumers.

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Analyzing Data with Power BI Desktop | Power BI Desktop Tutorial | Edureka | Power BI Live

This Edureka “Power BI Desktop Tutorial” video will help you to understand Why Power BI and What it is? Also, understand how it provides a powerful tool for transforming and presenting business intelligence data.

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Assessment Tooling for Oracle Database Migrations to Azure Database for PostgreSQL & Azure SQL

Database Migration Assessment for Oracle, an Azure Data Studio extension powered, now offers a migration assessment for moving from Oracle Database to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. The assessment includes database migration recommendations and an evaluation of database code complexity. Through the same tooling, customers can get target sizing recommendations for Oracle Database migration to Azure […]

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AWS Red Hat

How to Get Started with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (aka ROSA)

Red Hat OpenShift on AWS is a managed service where you don’t have to worry about complicated kubernetes configurations. Simply deploy an OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster in minutes, run your containerized workloads, and let someone else manage it. This video is a brief getting started tutorial.

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Events Forecast for November 2022

IBM Quantum’s Brian Ingmanson is here with an overview of upcoming Quantum and Qiskit events! Qiskit Quantum Explorers: ICPC Algo Queen: IBM Quantum Fall Challenge: Understanding Quantum Information & Computation: Qiskit Community Events: Qiskit Fall Fest: IBM Quantum Internships: Qiskit Global Summer School 2022:

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