Day: November 4, 2022

AI Natural Language Processing

ROME: Locating and Editing Factual Associations in GPT (Paper Explained & Author Interview)

Large Language Models have the ability to store vast amounts of facts about the world. But little is known, how these models actually do this. This paper aims at discovering the mechanism and location of storage and recall of factual associations in GPT models, and then proposes a mechanism for the targeted editing of such […]

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Career Security

Top Skills for Cyber Security Beginners: Best Skills to Learn for Beginners in Cyber Security

Did you want to break into cybersecurity, but now sure where or how to start? Then this video is for you!

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AI Quantum Computing

From quantum picturalism to quantum NLP and quantum AI with Bob Coecke

In 2020 the Oxford-based Quantinuum team performed Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP) on IBM quantum hardware [1, 2]. Key to having been able to achieve what is conceived as a heavily data-driven task, is the observation that quantum theory and natural language are governed by much of the same compositional structure – a.k.a. tensor structure. […]

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AWS Hardware

History of Silicon Innovation at AWS

James Hamilton, SVP/Distinguished Engineer, talks about how AWS started developing silicon. James will talk about the history of silicon development at AWS. He reviews the challenges AWS had that resulted in AWS developing silicon and acquiring Annapurna Labs.

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Algorithms Explained for Beginners

Algorithm is an often used word these days, but how many people know exactly what it means? Why do we even care about algorithms? Why do tech companies base their coding interviews on algorithms and data structures? Why are algorithms such an integral part of computer science? This video provides a WHY of algorithms and […]

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