Day: September 20, 2022

Quantum Computing

Best College Majors for Quantum Computing

Want a job in quantum but not sure where to start? If you’re still in school, the first choice you are going to have to make is your college major. Traditionally, most everyone working in quantum information science had a background in physics, but today that is not the case. In this video, Olivia discusses […]

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Python Quantum Computing

Grover’s Quantum Search for Data Science and Why should we Care

Tigran Sedrakyan on Grover’s Quantum Search for Data Science and Why should we Care Among the most prominent achievements of the quantum computing field is an algorithm known as Grover’s quantum search. This talk focuses on Grover’s algorithm and its applications to machine learning routines. Prior knowledge required is a basic understanding of linear algebra and […]

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Best Practices using Amazon DocumentDB open source tools and utilities

Learn the best practices using Amazon DocumentDB open source tools & utilities in this video straight from the source.

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Machine Learning

Best Machine Learning Projects For Beginner to Expert

Machine Learning Projects are a great way to learn ML. They are also a perfect way to showcase your ML skills to technical hiring managers and by doing a great project, you will also gain a lot more confidence in your own skills and hence you will better communicate your technical machine learning knowledge. Here’s […]

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Red Hat

IBM CloudPak for Integration on ROSA with Managed OpenShift Data Foundation

IBM CP4I running on ROSA, using ODFaaS Speakers: Barry Mosakowski, Red Hat Global IBM Technical Alliance team Pam Andrejko of the IBM Cloud Pak Bring Up lab A Walk-through of the technical consumer experience of a ROSA cluster when using the ODFaaS Managed Storage. Brings together the story as it applies to the IBM CP4I […]

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DevOps Red Hat

Managed GitOps in the Clouds

From code to production with the blink of an eye. This is what we all want. But how can we move our CI/CD processes into the cloud in a seamless and integrated way? What are the necessary steps, how do you report the relevant metrics, and how can you become more productive again? Watch this […]

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