Day: September 17, 2022

Python Statistics

How to implement Naive Bayes from scratch with Python

In the 6th lesson of the Machine Learning from Scratch course, learn how to implement the Naive Bayes algorithm. You can find the code here:

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Virtual Reality

Everyone can participate in building the metaverse

Now that there are TED talks on it, the Metaverse is now officially hip. πŸ˜‰ The promise of the metaverse extends far beyond digital spaces — it can transform and enrich how we experience the material world, too. From video games that bring communities together to digital art that collides with physical spaces, augmented reality […]

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Red Hat

OpenStack Tutorial – Operate Your Own Private Cloud (Full Course)

Learn how to use OpenStack and manage your own private cloud.

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Harvest Power BI Slicer Selections To Use With Other Measures β€” Advanced DAX [2022 Update]

In this tutorial, Sam shows how to write an advanced DAX formula to harvest (capture) a selection made within a slicer visual then integrate that back into other measure calculations.

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Beating 5 Scam Arcade Games with Science

Mark Rober built 5 robots to beat the 5 most popular arcade games.

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1000 Drones Flying at Burning Man 2022

Burning Man is an interesting event. This year they flew 1000 drones in an amazing art show. Thank you to Drift Studios and the 10 artists that produced this gift for the playa. You can see a grid of charging pads that the drones return to for recharging. This allows the show to go on […]

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