Day: August 25, 2022

Machine Learning

How to Retrain SSD Object Detection Model with Pytorch PART – 1

Interesting tutorial on transfer learning. Transfer Learning with Pytorch Transfer learning is a technique for re-training a DNN model on a new dataset, which takes less time than training a network from scratch. With transfer learning, the weights of a pre-trained model are fine-tuned to classify a customized dataset. In these examples, we’ll be using […]

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How to get into Cybersecurity with No Experience – The Ultimate Guide

Given the state of the world and technology infrastructure, there has never been a better time to get into cybersecurity. In this video Josh breakings down the steps anyone can take to get a job and start a career in cybersecurity. If you follow these steps and do the BEST you can at each step, […]

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How Aetion uses Databricks Lakehouse to derive insights that accelerate drug development

The Aetion Data Team uses real-world medical data, including electronic medical record data, to derive evidence used by life scientists and clinical researchers to inform decisions that will help develop effective medications and vaccines faster. With Databricks Lakehouse, Aetion is able to ingest large volumes of data in any format, use AI and analytics to […]

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Autonomous Vehicles Security

Hacking a LEGO Autonomous Car – Odd sensor failure

Interesting video from Eli.

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How do Startups Get Funding from TitleTownTech?

Craig Dickman explains how startups can get funding from TitletownTech – a partnership between Microsoft and the Green Bay Packers.

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Building the MakerVerse

Jen Schachter joins Adam Savage to talk about what to expect from the MakerVerse panels and workshops at the convention.

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Spying On Ring Video – Vulnerability Discovered in Android App – ThreatWire

Ring patches a video spying vulnerability, a linux cryptominer malware was found, and a cybercrime group is using fake reservation emails to steal info! All that coming up now on ThreatWire.

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Power Apps

Using MS Power Platform, AI builder, DataVerse and Power BI

In this Low Code Revolution episode April Dunnam talks with Moustapha Isaac Diaby, CEO and founder of Schoolink. Moustapha and a few of his university friends from Edinburgh, Scotland participated in their first hack a thon. Moustapha will share his experience and walk through the Microsoft Power Platform solution they created – an insulin calculator […]

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Data Red Hat

OpenShift Disaster Recovery

An interesting look at disaster recovery in the realm of OpenShift.

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