Day: August 22, 2022


Learn PyTorch for deep learning in a day. Literally.

All code on GitHub –

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Mr. Wizard on How Telephones Work?

I remember watching this episode on TV as a kid and being fascinated by how the tones sounded. Thanks to YouTube, I can watch this again.

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Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204) — Full Course Pass the Exam!

Prepare for the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification! Course developed by Andrew Brown of ExamPro.

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Unlocking your CPU cores in Python

How to use all your CPU cores in Python? Due to the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) in Python, threads don’t really get much use of your CPU cores. Instead, use multiprocessing! Process pools are beginner-friendly but also quite performant in many situations. Don’t fall into some of the many traps of multiprocessing though, this video […]

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Natural Language Processing

Intro to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This course provides an introduction to the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) with a focus on sentiment analysis and text classification using artificial neural networks. In this lesson, we’ll get introduced to the field of Natural Language Processing, otherwise known simply as NLP.

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Generative AI

Microsoft’s New AI: Virtual Humans Became Real! 🤯

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “3D Face Reconstruction with Dense Landmarks” in the following video. Fun fact, I remember seeing an early version of this research at the last MLADS conference I attended in 2019.

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From DEF CON 30: Bio Hacking, Voting Machine Village, RF FoxHunt & More!

Here’s Hak5’s coverage of DEFCON30. #DEFCON30 was huge this year! With a new venue, new villages, and new contests, there was something for everyone. This video rounds up some of my favorite new villages and some old favorites, discussing the CTFs, badges #badgelife, and demos shown off during the convention weekend. Enjoy!

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Explained

In this video, I explain the concept of quantum computing (a new and transformational technology) and compare its characteristics with that of current digital computers.

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