Day: August 1, 2022

Livestream Virtual Reality

New Video Upload : #Metaverse Monday: How far we’ve come

#Metaverse Monday: How far we’ve come

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Design Interesting

Why Companies Are ‘Debranding’

Logos and branding imagery change over time, but what drives this change? Here’s a great explanation of the most recent trend of simplification that is dubbed “debranding.” Bloomberg Opinion’s Ben Schott breaks down this trending direction of brand identity. From Burger King and Toyota to Intel and Warner Brothers, major brands are discarding detail and […]

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AI Generative AI Google

Google’s Parti AI Yields Magical Results! 💫

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Google Parti: Pathways Autoregressive Text-to-Image model” in this video.

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Build automated compliance using Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS

Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS is a new open-source solution from the Worldwide Public Sector technical field teams that accelerates the implementation of technical security controls and infrastructure foundations. In this session, learn how this solution helps to securely and rapidly build, test, and launch critical IT systems to help you meet stringent compliance requirements […]

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Python Crash Course for Excel Users

If you’re an Excel user looking to level up your analytics skills, Python is a great choice for repeatable processes, compelling visualizations, and robust data analysis. And while learning to code may seem too difficult, your Excel knowledge gives you a significant head start. This introduction is intended for Excel users with no prior knowledge […]

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Data Driven

Rupesh Malpani on on AI, Commerce, and Holograms

In this 300th episode of Data Driven and the premiere episode of season six, Frank and Andy interview Rupesh Malpani, whom Frank often refers to as the next Steve Jobs.  Listen to this interesting conversation to find out why. AI Generated Transcript Audio file  rupesh mix file_mixdown.mp3  Transcript  00:00:00 BAILeY  Hello everyone Bailey here. I […]

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