Day: July 27, 2022

Data Driven

New Video Upload : Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest Be Our Guest

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Data Livestream

New Video Upload : Data as a Story Telling Mechanism

Data as a Story Telling Mechanism

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Data SQL Server

SQL Crash Course for Beginners

When learning data science, students typically focus on Python or R for data analysis and machine learning. In the real world, data is usually stored in databases, and that data is best used by directly using SQL against the database.. This crash course is intended for beginners with no prior experience in SQL. By the […]

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AI Azure

What are Azure Decision Services?

How can AI help you to make decisions? Ayşegül Yönet tells us all about Azure Decision services and what you can do with them.

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Data Startups

CockroachDB for Startups with Spencer Kimball, CEO

Learn what CockroachDB is doing for startups.

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Data Science Developer

JuliaCon 2022 Live Session Day 1 (Open Remarks, Erin LeDell, Julia Computing, etc.)

Live stream from day 1 of JuliaCon 2022.

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Azure Cosmos DB SQL Studio is a hidden gem

Azure Cosmos DB SQL Studio is a hidden gem, see why in this Azure CosmosDB global meetup. Hasan Savran developed Cosmos DB SQL Studio for the Cosmos DB Community. The application is free and it has many great features. Hasan will explain how to use the tool and how it can help you to optimize […]

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Recommended container OS + JFrog & Snyk extensions deep dive

Docker explores not one, but TWO extensions of the week, one fun fact, and one sad rant about being an only child.

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James Powell: So you want to be a Python expert?

Here is James Powell explaining what it takes to be a Python expert.

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Quantum Computing

A Crash Course in Quantum Computing

Eamonn Darcy Founder/Operator of QUECWA -The Quantum Education Centre of West Australia introduces us to the realm of quantum physics and a FREE 10 Episode -Crash Course in Quantum Computing Series.

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