Day: July 21, 2022

AWS Big Data Data

DynamoDB design patterns with GraphQL APIs and AppSync

Organizations building modern applications are increasingly turning to serverless API architectures powered by GraphQL and NoSQL databases to increase development velocity and decrease operational overhead. This talk reviews key GraphQL and NoSQL concepts, how to use AWS AppSync and Amazon DynamoDB to create a serverless GraphQL API, and discuss the pros and cons of two […]

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Introducing Query Insights for Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner released Query Insights to assist developers and DBAs in diagnosing query performance issues on Spanner. Watch as Derek Downey demonstrates the power of Query Insights to keep your app reliable and your users happy.

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Data Data Science Open Source

Introducing Zipline: An Open Source Feature Engineering Platform

This talk will introduce Zipline, a declarative feature engineering platform developed at Airbnb.

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How Knowt uses AWS to Make Learning Easier

Fast-growing educational technology startup Knowt developed an app to change the way students and teachers study and create assessments. Using a powerful algorithm and artificial intelligence, the app quickly and automatically converts notes from students and teachers into quizzes and flash cards. Read the case study here:

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