Day: July 13, 2022

Current Events Security

Cyber War Explained In 6 Minutes | What Is Cyber War?

This Simplilearn video on Cyber War In 6 Minutes will explain what is cyber war and how digital attacks are affecting the security of a country. Cyber warfare similar to typical warfare, can just be small-scaled or be initiated at a national level how can a cyber war be countered.

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CosmosDB Data NoSQL

Cassandra in 100 Seconds

Apache Cassandra is a wide-column store NoSQL database designed to scale globally with extreme speed and reliability.

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AWS Big Data Data

AWS Innovate 2022 – Data Edition

Organizations are managing more data than ever before and there’s no sign of that slowing down. At AWS Innovate – Data Edition, learn from AWS experts on how a modern data strategy can support your present and future use cases including steps to build an end-to-end data solution to store and access, analyze and visualize, […]

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AI Azure

What can Azure Form Recognizer do?

Azure Form Recognizer can take care of the hard work of RPA for you. Ayşegül Yönet explains.

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