Day: June 16, 2022

AI Ethics

The Road to General AI • Danny Lange • GOTO 2021

With recent news of a “sentient chatbot,” the topic of AGI is top of mind for me again. Danny Lange, SVP of AI and ML at Unity Technologies, presents this talk on the subject. ABSTRACT Senior vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence at Unity Danny Lange will set the stage by introducing the […]

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Feature summary for Power BI June 2022 update

Find out what is new in Power BI for June 2022. Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:21 Format pane GA 00:50 Changes on the error bar format pane 00:57 Sensitivity label for live connections on shared datasets 01:13 Improved table and matrs 01:31 Fit to page button on canvas zoom 01:42 Composite models on sql Analysis services […]

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AI Ethics Google

Did Google’s LaMDA chatbot just become sentient?

Google engineer Blake Lemoine was put on leave after releasing proprietary information: An interview with the chatbot LaMDA that he believes demonstrates that this AI is, in fact, sentient. I’ve recorded my take on both a livestream and a Data Driven mini-episode, but here’s another perspective. In this video, Yannic analyzes the claims and the […]

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AWS Business

Bloomberg Studio 1.0 Interview with Amazon CEO Andy Jassy

Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO speaks with Emily Chang about the company’s innovation priorities, as well as heated competition in areas like rapid delivery and streaming video. He’ll also talk about Amazon’s commitment to be Earth’s best employer and its approach to unions, as well as navigating challenges like inflation, global supply chain shortages and the […]

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Hardware Interesting Science

This Computer Chip is alive 🤯

There is a startup in Australia who are actually growing live human neurons and then integrating it into traditional computer chips. Mind-blowing — definitely. Ethical concerns — most definitely.

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