Day: June 9, 2022

Privacy Security

Privacy Travel Tips: How To Keep Your Data Private If Your Phone Is Seized

Traveling with digital devices can be risky — sometimes phones or laptops are seized as you’re going through security, they can be scanned, and a whole bunch of personal data taken from them. This includes your private photos, passwords to email accounts, and even your 2FA seeds. For anyone who wants to maximize privacy, here […]

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Hardware Networking Raspberry Pi

How to Set Up Your Own VPN at Home With Raspberry Pi

A simple, short and easy to follow guide on setting up your own Wireguard VPN instance on a Raspberry Pi

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Azure SQL Blockchain SQL Server

Protect your data from tampering with Azure SQL Database ledger

Establishing trust around the integrity of data stored in database systems has been a longstanding problem for all organizations that manage financial, medical, or other sensitive data. Ledger is a new feature in Azure SQL and SQL Server that incorporates blockchain crypto technologies into the RDBMS to ensure the data stored in a database is […]

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AI Chatbots Power Apps

Ask the Expert: Conversational AI and Power Virtual Agents

LEarn about the new features of Microsoft’s conversational bot building studio, Power Virtual Agents, that enables fusion bot development teams to collaboratively build, all in one place.

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