Day: May 23, 2022

AI Virtual Reality

NVIDIA’s New AI Grows Objects Out Of Nothing!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Extracting Triangular 3D Models, Materials, and Lighting From Images.” I can only imagine what this will do for the Metaverse.

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AI Azure

What are managed endpoints in Azure ML?

Here, Sethu Raman explains how managed endpoints can help you deploy your Azure Machine Learning models.

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ConfigMap in Kubernetes | ConfigMap Demo | DevOps Training | Edureka

Learn about ConfigMap in Kubernetes The following topic are covered in this video: 00:00 Introduction 00:38 Agenda 01:01 What is ConfigMap? 02:12 Purpose of ConfigMap 03:23 ConfigMap vs Secrets 04:16 Creating ConfigMap 05:17 Demo: Creating ConfigMaps and using them in Pods

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Microsoft Security

Microsoft Security: Breaking the Rules – Stories from Employees

Retired MSFT developer Dave details the age old battle between corporate security policies and recalcitrant users at Microsoft and IBM.

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How to setup a database & write your first SQL query

Learn how to install and set up a database and write SQL queries.

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AI Generative AI

How to Create a Custom Neural Voice “Lite” for Brands and Characters with Veritone

Qinying Liao is here with Ashley Bailey from Veritone to introduce us to Custom Neural Voice “Lite”, a new feature in public preview, which enables users to clone their voice by recording just 5 minutes of speech data. This new feature makes it extremely easy for customers, like Veritone, to create a synthetic voice that […]

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Planning Power BI Projects

How to plan your PowerBI projects.

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