Day: March 25, 2022


Will Future Computers Will Be Radically Different?

For decades, digital computers have been dominant, but will that continue to be the case in the future? It wasn’t in the past.

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Machine Learning Mathematics

Deep Math – Machine Learning and Mathematics

In December 2021 mathematicians at Oxford and Sydney universities together with their collaborators at Google DeepMind announced that they had successfully used tools from machine learning to discover new patterns in mathematics.

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Azure SQL

SQL 911: A DBA’s Guidebook using Notebooks in Azure Data Studio

Did you know that Jupyter Notebooks can help you manage your SQL Server enterprise no matter how large or small? In this episode of Data Exposed, Kevin Warren demo’s a Jupyter Notebook in Azure Data Studio that was created to be a DBA’s handbook of resources, knowledge, code, troubleshooting tips, and step-by-step examples on how […]

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Open Source

10 very promising Open Source Projects you haven’t heard of

This videos explores 10 game-changing open source libraries that can make your code faster, prettier, and cheaper.

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