Day: February 22, 2022


New Video Upload : High Impact TwosDay

High Impact TwosDay

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Twos-Day Tuesday! 22 YouTubers celebrate all things “two” and nothing goes wrong.

Today is 2/2/22 — Happy Twos-Day Tuesday.

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AI Robotics

New Technology for the U.S. Army

The U.S. military has learned to control more than a hundred robots simultaneously, and the Chinese have created a copy of Boston Dynamics’ BigDog robot, an electronic skin to control robots, and are about to compete with StarLink. For more on this, as well as underwater robots, the perfect robot arm, and other cutting-edge technology, […]

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WIA 2021: Keynote Noelle Silver

If you’ve never seen Noelle Silver present, then you are missing out. Here she is delivering the keynote at Women in Analytics.

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Career Data

How to Learn to be a Data Analyst

Looking for a new career or expand your existing horizons? Check out this video on becoming a Data Analyst.

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Current Events Security

Putin orders Russian troops into Ukraine separatist regions

Folks don’t come here for thoughts on geo-political events. However, given that there will be (or already is) a cyber warfare component to all this. The front to this war reaches anywhere the internet reaches. IT Security is no longer optional. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to send what he is describing […]

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