Day: February 6, 2022

Developer Python

How a CS student tracks Elon’s Private Jet with Python

A college student built a Twitter bot with Python that tracks the location of Elon Musk’s private jet – then Elon offered him $5K to shut it down. Now the situation is blowing up in the media… This is the first edition of “The Code Report” – a new series where I bring you breaking […]

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Raspberry Pi

64bit Raspberry Pi OS is out of Beta and it’s Great

64bit raspberry pi OS is out of Beta and it’s Great!

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The mathematically optimal Wordle strategy

An excuse to teach a lesson on information theory and entropy.

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A single server with over a PETABYTE of storage!

Linus builds a single server with over a PETABYTE of storage (1200TB)?!

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Fuzzing to improve the security and reliability of cloud services with RESTler

In the past few years, cloud services have experienced tremendous growth. Most of these services are programmatically accessed through REST APIs. As the pace of development increases, both the APIs and service implementations are evolving rapidly. There is an urgent need for automated tools to test the reliability and security of cloud services that can […]

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Data Science Red Hat

Preview demo of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

See a preview demo of the Red Hat OpenShift Data Science managed cloud service offering. Red Hat OpenShift Data Science combines common open source tooling, partner software and other Red Hat portfolio software to provide a fully supported sandbox in which to rapidly develop, train, and test ML models in the public cloud. Chris Chase […]

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Data for the People | Champions of Data + AI | Episode 19

In this episode, learn how Jack Berkowitz’s technical and product background is helping him lead and execute on the ADP data and AI strategy to bring more awareness to pay equity and build new services and products beyond payment processing. He will also share his views on creating a data strategy centered around defensive use […]

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Unreal Engine 5 – Beginner’s Tutorial (with Blueprint)

This course will teach you how to create games in Unreal Engine 5. The course covers the Blueprint Visual Scripting system which is a complete gameplay scripting system based on the concept of using a node-based interface to create gameplay elements from within Unreal Editor.

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