Day: February 1, 2022


What’s the real purpose of Python’s match statement?

What’s the purpose of the match statement in Python? The match statement is commonly mistaken for being Python’s way of adding a switch-case statement. However, this is not the intended purpose of the match statement, and it does not have similar performance benefits. Let’s see what the match statement is really for by parsing concrete […]

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Linux Red Hat

Red Hat Portfolio in 2 Minutes with Brian Gracely

Recently, I joined Red Hat and some people have been asking me for more details on what my role is and what Red Hat specifically does. Red Hat offers a complete open source portfolio that allows companies to use any cloud they want and any type of application they want to accomplish anything they want. […]

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Azure Data

How to Use Azure Data Studio with Database Projects and Source Control

Azure Data Studio is a cross-platform application allowing us to manage and maintain our data estate. In this quick introductory demo session with Warwick Rudd and Anna Hoffman, we will have a look at how we can get started with Database Projects and Source Control for our data estate all inside of Azure Data Studio.

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5 things you didn’t know your USB Flash Drive could do

Before you throw out old flash drives, check out the 5 epic things you can do with your Flash USB drives that you may not know about!

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Containers DevOps

GitOps With Vault – Part 1

How critical is security in a cloud-native infrastructure? Rosemary Wang from HashiCorp joins us in this episode to discuss using Vault as a secret management system for Kubernetes. This is a big topic, and Rosemary is gracious enough to walk us through every detail of HashiCorp Vault. Are you new to Vault? HashiCorp Vault is […]

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