Day: January 28, 2022


Why don’t rocket engines melt? How engineers keep engines cool

Obviously, rocket engines need to produce heat to function, after all, their only real purpose is to convert the chemical energy in the propellant into pressure and heat so they can produce thrust. How do these engines survive this intense heat? Here’s a video that explores just that:

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Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Networks Tutorial

This Edureka “Neural Network Tutorial” video (Blog: will help you to understand the basics of Neural Networks and how to use it for deep learning. It explains Single layer and Multi layer Perceptron in detail. Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:42 Agenda 01:02 Why Neural Networks 02:24 Motivation behind Neural Networks 04:46 What are Neural […]

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Better understanding throughput and partitioning in CosmosDB

In this episode, Deborah Chen returns to go deep on explaining how throughput and partitioning work in Azure Cosmos DB. We’ll talk about how Azure Cosmos DB determines how many physical partitions to use when you provision throughput, explain how or when does physical partition layout change, and also share best practices for scaling throughput, […]

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Quantum Computing

Kirsten Eisentraeger on Classical and quantum algorithms for isogeny problems

Kirsten Eisentraeger of Pennsylvania State University presents “Classical and quantum algorithms for isogeny problems” at IPAM’s Quantum Numerical Linear Algebra Workshop. Abstract: Isogeny-based cryptography is one of a few candidates for post-quantum cryptography. The computational problems relevant for isogeny-based cryptography are usually stated in terms of computing isogenies between elliptic curves, but they have other […]

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AI Chatbots

Disruptive Technologists Firechat Chat on The Disruptive Power of a Real Chatbot Experience

Watch the second part of the panel on The Disruptive Power of a Real Chatbot Experience: AI Humans with a great lineup of panelists answering your questions on chatbots, AI, and Human AI.

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MongoDB Crash Course 2022

In this video, get introduced to MongoDB Atlas, the multi-cloud application data platform from MongoDB, and walk you through how to set up and connect to the database, loading sample data and performing CRUD operations. This video will provide you with a basic understanding and way to get started with MongoDB Atlas, but you will […]

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Future Science

The Rise of Vertical Indoor Farming

Plenty CEO Arama Kukutai joins Emily Chang to talk about the future of climate tech, why 2022 will be a critical year for Plenty’s business model, and how vertical farming can help provide produce anywhere in the world, year round.

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GameDev Python

How to create a Zelda style game in python

A tutorial on the basic mechanics of a Zelda game like a player camera, depth (fake 3D) and collisions. Project files:

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Developer Javascript

React & TypeScript – Course for Beginners

Learn how to build React apps using TypeScript. First, learn the basics of TypeScript. Then, learn how to integrate TypeScript in a React app by building an awesome project. Learn how to use TypeScript with React Hooks such as useState, useRef, and useReducers. You will also learn how to pass props from one component to […]

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