Day: January 24, 2022

Big Data Career Data

How to become a Data Engineer

Hot on the heels of my recent LinkedIn article on the topic, this Edureka video “𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 π›πžπœπ¨π¦πž 𝐚 πƒπšπ­πš π„π§π π’π§πžπžπ«” will guide you through the steps to learn and have a successful career in Data Engineering. This video will help you to become a Data Engineer in 2022.

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Kubernetes: The Documentary [PART 1]

The official Kubernetes Documentary Part 1. Inspired by the open source success of Docker in 2013 and seeing the need for innovation in the area of large-scale cloud computing, a handful of forward-thinking Google engineers set to work on the container orchestrator that would come to be known as Kubernetes– this new tool would forever […]

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Delta Sharing – ODSC Webinar

In this ODSC webinar session, Frank Munz will dive deep into Delta Sharing; A Linux Foundation open source solution for sharing massive amounts of data in a cheap, secure, and scalable way. Delta Sharing reliably accesses data at the bandwidth of modern cloud object stores, such as S3, ADLS, or GCS. To get you started, […]

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Quantum Computing

Google’s Incredible New Quantum Computer Company – SandBox

Sandbox is the newest Quantum Computer company straight from Google which is focusing on the newly discovered Time Crystals which are posed to revolutionize computers in terms of efficiency and performance. Sandbox is separate from Google’s quantum computing team in Santa Barbara, and focuses on software and experimental quantum projects. The unit is currently led […]

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Is He Really the Most Productive Man Alive?

They call him “the most efficient man alive” so this YouTuber had to meet this guy and learn about what his day looks like, his top productivity tips and how he was able to overcome an incurable disease with $3m in personal debt.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pandas

Pandas is a Python library that’s all about data structures and tables. In this video Mariya will cover its important methods as well as all the tricks and shortcuts to get you to pro level within 20 minutes.

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AI Chatbots

Disruptive Technologists Panel on The Disruptive Power of a Real Chatbot Experience: AI Humans

Meet Sarah, a real AI Human from Deepbrain. In this hour-long Disruptive Technologists webinar, we not only met up with Sarah herself but also a brilliant panel of AI and chatbot experts to discuss the current state and future of chatbots and Human AIs. Is the technology up to the hype?

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IoT Security

Bluetooth Covid Test Kit Gets Hacked

As he says in the video, not everything needs to be computerized. Remember, kids the “S in “IoT” stands for security.

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