Day: January 18, 2022

Virtual Reality

Top 5 Anticipated Next Gen VR Headsets

Virtual reality is once again heating up and there’s a plethora of new hardware coming out in 2022.

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Manage Nested Organizational Units in AWS Control Tower

In this video, learn how to manage nested organizational units (OUs) in AWS Control Tower. With this capability, you can create nested OUs within your organization, register nested OUs with Control Tower, and enroll multiple accounts under each nested OU to simplify governance.

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Building the Cosmos Bookstore app – Part 3: Regex, Aggregation pipeline, and request charges

Part 3 of the app development series in which we walk through the backend functionalities of a demo app called “Cosmos Bookstore”. The app uses React for the frontend layer; Node.JS and Express for the backend layer; and Azure Cosmos DB (with API for MongoDB) as the database.

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Day 9 of Blockchain Adding User Interaction and a User Interface to a Decentralized Application

On Day 9 of 10 Days of Blockchain, learn how to change Alice and Bob from computer players to human players. Their hands will no longer be chosen at random. Instead you will be able to play as Alice or Bob and choose your own hand using a user interface

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AI Chatbots

Disruptive Technologists Quick Byte Interview with John Son of Deepbrain AI

Watch this Quick Byte interview of John Son, Strategic Planning Manager at DeepBrain AI, by our very own Lauren Keyson. John talks about how he got into AI, what he does in the space, and where his interest in artificial intelligence stems from. In this short chat, he answers questions on how he would suggest […]

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AI Azure

Updates to Semantic Search and Speech

Derek Legenzoff and Swarit Grover are here to share an exciting announcement regarding Semantic Configuration and Security Updates in Cognitive Search.

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