Day: November 14, 2021

Virtual Reality

Top 3 Most Shocking Metaverse Predictions

In the few weeks Microsoft, Facebook, Nvidia, Niantic and Unity have made big announcements on their plans for the Metaverse. Roger James Hamilton makes some shocking predictions about what that means.

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Azure SQL Azure Synapse

Dedicated SQL Pools Deep Dive

Mark Pryce-Maher provides this deep dive into Dedicated SQL Pools.

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AWS Machine Learning

Bratin Saha on How SageMaker is Advancing Machine Learning

Bratin Saha, VP and General Manager, Machine Learning Services, AWS, discusses how the cloud has enabled machine learning, and focuses on SageMaker’s ability to ease ML deployment.

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Containers Python

How to Dockerize a Python App

Are you a Python developer and new to using Docker? this workshop provides a hands-on walkthrough of setting up your local python development environment.

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Azure Synapse

Data Science and Predictive Analytics with Azure Synapse

Discover new Azure Synapse features to integrate predictive analytics capabilities into your organization—using both code-free and code-first options for AI/ML.

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