Day: October 4, 2021

Livestream Quantum Computing

Livestream: Quantum Moves

In this livestream, I talk about IonQ’s going public, Deck.GL, and more!

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Interesting Science

How the Schmid Peoplemover Does the Impossible

An elevator that can go smoothly from horizontal to vertical isn’t possible or is it? Turns out that the conventional wisdom is wrong, and the Schmid Peoplemover has been doing that for many years.

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Jo Boaler on How to Learn Math | Lex Fridman Podcast #226

Given the increasing importance of mathematics in the world, it may be as crucial to success as literacy. Jo Boaler is a professor of mathematics education at Stanford and the co-founder of youcubed. In this video, she sits down with Lex Fridman to talk about learning math. OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 0:23 – What is […]

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Crypto Masterclass: Everything You Need to Know About from the Worlds Leading Experts

If crypto, bitcoin, blockchain and NFTs are not part of your conversation yet, you owe it to yourself and to the people around you to find out why these terms are being talked about everywhere, and you have an obligation to at least talk about it with the people you care about. Blockchain is the […]

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How Apple Tried to Make the iPhone in 1993

People today assume that every product Apple makes (or ever made) was an outstanding success. That wasn’t always the case. A prime example of this was the Apple Newton, which serves as a cautionary tale for not commercializing a technology before its time.

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This AI Learned Some Crazy Fighting Moves

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Neural Animation Layering for Synthesizing Martial Arts Movements” in the following video. It seems that AI’s uncanny ability to learn knows no bounds.

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Developer Javascript

React Native vs Flutter

A side-by-side comparison of React Native and Flutter. I built a mobile chat app with both frameworks to understand differences in developer experience, tooling, code, and performance. Chapters 00:00 React Native vs Flutter 00:57 Language 01:41 Ecosystem 02:04 Philosophy 02:42 Architecture 04:00 Developer Experience 05:45 Tooling 07:39 Code 09:13 Performance

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Raspberry Pi

Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4 Chromium OS installation and demo, including running Google Docs, Microsoft web apps, Photopea, YouTube, and more! Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:48 Getting Chromium OS 03:25 First Look 06:47 Browse as Guest 08:31 Applications 10:26 Just for Fun (Windows365 test) 14:42 Fast Boot Web Console

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What is Azure Cosmos DB?

Mustafa Branch explores of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and to learn why and when developers are choosing to leverage NoSQL data in their applications.

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How to become a DevOps Engineer

This video by Edureka on ‘How to Become a DevOps Engineer’ will give you an overview of what a DevOps engineer does and what the skills that big companies are looking for in a DevOps Engineer. Finally with the help of a roadmap, the video gives you the steps to follow on your path to […]

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