Day: August 26, 2021

Livestream Quantum Computing

Now is the Time to Prepare for the Quantum Computing Revolution

I streamed earlier today to announce the launch of Impact Quantum: the website and podcast for engineers interested in quantum computing.

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AI Computer Vision Microsoft

What is

I remember seeing an early demo of this at Fall MLADS 2019 and I’m happy to see if progressing nicely. Creating machine learning models doesn’t require complex math, frameworks or programming. In fact, you can even create your own computer vision model using a desktop app! Jen Looper joins us to explain what is, […]

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Databricks Machine Learning

Weekday Demand Sensing at Walmart

WalMart is one of the most data driven organizations on the planet. The SMART Forecasting team at Walmart Labs has built an innovative, cloud-agnostic, scalable platform to improve Walmart’s ability to predict customer demand while improving item in-stocks and reducing food waste. Over a period of two years, all of Walmart’s key departments in the […]

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IoT Python

Brew a Coffee With Python – Tuya Smart IOT Platform Walkthrough

In this video, learn how Time wrote a python script that can brew his coffee. Resources: Tuya Smart IOT Website: Tuya Cloud Development Quick: Tuya Smart IOT URL Choice: Code In This Video: Tuya Smart Cloud Development API Explorer: Timestamps 00:00 | Introduction 01:19 | Internet of Things 02:01 | Tuya Smart IOT […]

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5 Simple Steps for Solving Any Recursive Problem

This video we takes a look at one of the more challenging computer science concepts: Recursion. Learn the 5 simple steps to help you solve challenging recursive problems and show you 3 specific examples, each progressively more difficult than the last.

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