How African Researchers Are Building a Quantum Community from the Ground Up

Here’s an interesting article from Qiskit on efforts to build a quantum computing community in Africa.

“By 2050, the population of Africa will double,” said Barry Dwolatzky, emeritus professor of electrical and information engineering at the University of Witwatersrand (Wits University) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Current projections indicate that most of this growing population will be young and urban — ideal candidates, in Dwolatzky’s view, for the quantum workforce of the future. “They all will be potential recruits into this new world of technology,” Dwolatzky said, “so I think we are planting seeds now where we will start to see huge numbers come through our universities [to] do quality work.”

Read of the rest on Medium and be sure to to register for IBM Quantum Challenge Africa. September 9 — September 20.


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