Jeeves Grows Up: An AI Chatbot for Performance and Quality

Jeeves is a chatbot created to simplify data operations management for enterprise Spark clusters.

Powered by advanced AI algorithms and an intuitive conversational interface answers to get users in and out of problems quickly. Instead of being stuck to screens displaying logs and metrics, users can now have a more refreshing experience via a two-way conversation with their own personal Spark expert.

We presented Jeeves at Spark Summit 2019. In the two years since, Jeeves has grown up a lot. Jeeves can now learn continuously as telemetry information streams in from more and more applications, especially SQL queries. Jeeves now “knows” about data pipelines that have many components. Jeeves can also answer questions about data quality in addition to performance, cost, failures, and SLAs.

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This talk will give an overview of the newer capabilities of the chatbot, and how it now fits in a modern data stack with the emergence of new data roles like analytics engineers and machine learning engineers. You will learn how to build chatbots that tackle your complex data operations challenges.


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