Day: August 10, 2021

Machine Learning

Gradient Descent Explained Simply

In this video, learn about Gradient Descent and how we can use it to update the weights and bias of our AI model. Time Stamps 00:00 – what is gradient descent? 00:37 – gradient descent vs perception 01:04 – sigmoid activation function 01:45 – bias and threshold 02:06 – weighted sum – working example 02:37 […]

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Power Apps Security

Securing Power Apps portals with Azure B2C

We all know how quickly a Power Apps portal can be developed and deployed, but what can you do to secure the identities of your users? Learn how to leverage the powers of Azure B2C, Microsoft’s preferred authentication provider for Power Apps portals, to protect portal users and improve their authentication experience. Bryant Boyer will […]

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Funnel Analysis with Apache Spark and Druid

Every day, millions of advertising campaigns are happening around the world. As campaign owners, measuring the ongoing campaign effectiveness (e.g “how many distinct users saw my online ad VS how many distinct users saw my online ad, clicked it and purchased my product?”) is super important. However, this task (often referred to as “funnel analysis”) […]

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Developer Microsoft

Don Syme’s F# Bonanza

Don Syme, creator of the F# language, kicks off the Focus on F# event by taking us on a journey through the F# language, community, and real-world business users. Learn about the key ideas underlying F#, its unique and modern methodology, and hear live from F# users across the globe in fields including data science, […]

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